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Beyond the year of double-dog dares

I almost didn’t come back. After three months of ignoring the promise I made a year ago today, how do I have the nerve to show my face here? Here’s how. Even though my commitment to doing one brave thing … Continue reading

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Never give up. Never surrender…except maybe this once

I’ve made a decision that embarrasses me. A while back, I decided to try voiceover acting and embarked on a training program that ends in a demo recording. So far, the training has been fun, and my confidence in both … Continue reading

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Yesterday I stupidly bravely addressed the issue of profanity with Gracie, my nine-year-old, when a friend sent her an otherwise innocuous e-mail with the F-word in it. I live in a glass house where profanity is concerned. Once, a few … Continue reading

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Not a proud moment

The other day, I admitted to lax money management and asked anyone who sees me approaching a restaurant to send me home at once. Yet the very next day, we (along with some friends) ordered takeout for dinner. Why? I … Continue reading

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Eyes open, wallet closed

In our household, the tasks of balancing the checkbook and paying bills fall to me. Just worked out that way, which is a nicer way to say that my husband never balanced a checkbook in his life. Managing our money … Continue reading

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The crab is dead. Long live the dogs.

It should come as no surprise to anyone following this blog that Kayla, the nearly legless hermit crab, is dead. I did what I could (which wasn’t much), but I couldn’t save her. I delivered the news as kindly (but … Continue reading

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One is the loneliest number (if you worry about that kind of thing)

Last night, I had planned to go to another improv class, the idea of which still gives me butterflies. But I was tired and went to see Rise of the Planet of the Apes instead. It was great. Great to see … Continue reading

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