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One mother’s meditation

Motherhood is like a game of ping pong on a table that sometimes changes into a plate of French fries or a thermometer or a bad report card, and you aren’t always supposed to hit the ball (sometimes you are … Continue reading

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A little distance goes a long way

I’ve discovered a wonderful way to get my children to do my bidding – I leave them alone. I don’t mean that I abandon them in the shady part of town until they’re willing to do anything to come home … Continue reading

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A new way to walk your dog

I just discovered my favorite way to give my dog, Scout, some exercise. I heard him barking at something on the road, possibly a pedestrian, more likely a suspicious leaf. I called his name from an upstairs window. He sprinted … Continue reading

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Not your daughter’s hula hoop

I don’t usually wake up the morning after a workout with a sore ear and a bruised waist. And yet that’s exactly what I did after my first hula hoop class. I’d heard that hula hooping builds core strength and … Continue reading

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No tricks, no treats. Just snow and flashlights.

Clearly we didn’t learn our lesson from Hurricane Irene. We didn’t bite the bullet and buy that generator last month, didn’t react to news of the latest storm quickly enough. The freaky fall snowstorm has left 95% of our town … Continue reading

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Who got the hooch? (me)

I am not a teetotaler, although I do enjoy saying that word. I see nothing wrong with a glass or two of something with dinner, and let’s just say I enjoy myself at parties. (Muff, behave yourself.) But recently I’ve … Continue reading

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Retreat: to withdraw, especially from what is difficult, dangerous, or disagreeable

I’m happy to report that I did not fall prey to a serial killer this weekend. But I can’t say that my silent retreat was a complete success. I retreated all right. After a mere 24 hours, I escaped to … Continue reading

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