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More guerrilla goodness

I was up to my old tricks yesterday. Well, one old trick. Lately I’ve been worrying about money and holding on to my wallet a bit more tightly as a result. A friend said that whenever she feels like that, … Continue reading

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“Ohhhhmmmmmm—wait, did I lock my keys in the car?”

I signed up for Deepak Chopra’s 21-day Meditation Challenge. Today is Day 1. I’m not very good at it, unless wondering whether I put soap in the dishwasher and how I can watch the new season of Breaking Bad (since DISH … Continue reading

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Beyond the year of double-dog dares

I almost didn’t come back. After three months of ignoring the promise I made a year ago today, how do I have the nerve to show my face here? Here’s how. Even though my commitment to doing one brave thing … Continue reading

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Vodka, de-cluttering and smiling at strangers

My joy has taken a turn for the alcoholic. Friday night we had friends over and the vodka flowed like a pure mountain stream in early spring. It was a fun night. Yesterday, perhaps in penance, I spent hours cleaning … Continue reading

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Have playground slides always been this narrow?

My painting time was cut short yesterday by the insensitivities of the art industry to neophytes. My husband said it was time to go to the airport, so I had to stop. Right now, my masterpiece is a field of blue … Continue reading

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The incompetent shoplifter

It’s a testament to the enduring reach of my Catholic upbringing that even when I’m giving money away, I fear getting caught. I sneaked around that grocery store yesterday like an incompetent shoplifter, leaving money instead of stealing inventory. Obviously up … Continue reading

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Bring on the joy

Partly because the short days really start getting to me in February and partly because I feel like it, I’ll be doing something a little different here this month. Each day, I’ll spend a little time doing something joyful, fun … Continue reading

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