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Home sweet home

I spent last week at the beach with my family. We had a great week, and as a souvenir, I brought back the realization that I am old. My father used to drag us back from our vacations a day … Continue reading

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Beyond the year of double-dog dares

I almost didn’t come back. After three months of ignoring the promise I made a year ago today, how do I have the nerve to show my face here? Here’s how. Even though my commitment to doing one brave thing … Continue reading

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One mother’s meditation

Motherhood is like a game of ping pong on a table that sometimes changes into a plate of French fries or a thermometer or a bad report card, and you aren’t always supposed to hit the ball (sometimes you are … Continue reading

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A little of this

Just a few microbraveries from the past few days. When I felt pressured to agree to a meeting time that would make a colleague happy and me stressed, I said I couldn’t meet until later. After someone volunteered me for … Continue reading

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I deserve no sympathy for this

Yesterday I did something scary yet entirely unimpressive (because it proves just how vain I really am). I got an IPL photofacial to remove sun-damaged spots on my face. Why was this scary? Because I knew what to expect. As … Continue reading

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Stepping off the treadmill

I am overcommitted. Again. There are some lessons I can’t seem to learn. In my defense, some commitments have grown since I took them on. One 8-hour work commitment has ballooned into 25 – 30 hours. When this happened, instead … Continue reading

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Ask and you just might receive

Yesterday, I moved my girls and my dogs back into our house. Our power has been restored. I am really grateful for this bit of good fortune, especially since half the people in town are still out of power! Packing and … Continue reading

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