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No tricks, no treats. Just snow and flashlights.

Clearly we didn’t learn our lesson from Hurricane Irene. We didn’t bite the bullet and buy that generator last month, didn’t react to news of the latest storm quickly enough. The freaky fall snowstorm has left 95% of our town … Continue reading

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Crazy mom confessions

Ain’t no sunshine where we live; everything has been grey and wet and buggy for days. Although I hate cold weather, we REALLY need some to kill the mosquitoes, who seem intent on moving up the food chain before winter. … Continue reading

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1 Last night, friends witnessed bits of our daily squalor that I usually shut up in closets at the prospect of onlookers. Typically, I take great pains to hide evidence of our cluttered lifestyle before opening my door to company. … Continue reading

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The joy of a self-flushing toilet

Note to self: never take electricity for granted again. Today was our fifth day without power and water, and my children’s eating habits have taken a turn for the worse. They have eaten way too much takeout and too many … Continue reading

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Neutral no more!

There is no medical term for the fear I faced today. It isn’t exactly chromophobia (fear of colors) or ecophobia (fear of the home), but rather some combination of the two: fear of picking the wrong paint colors for my … Continue reading

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A different kind of house tour

I am taking it easy today after a couple of busy days. Instead of leaving my house to do something interesting, I thought I would invite you in. This way you can see what my house looks like when I … Continue reading

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