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Twelve for twelve

Virginia over at Kiss Chronicles celebrated 11/11/11 with 11 positive actions and liked it so much she decided to celebrate 12/12 with 12 positive actions. She invited other bloggers to join her, so I did! Disclaimer: I had a sick … Continue reading

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On the one hand

Just got back from a fun weekend with friends in upstate New York. Happy to report that my travels did not interfere with my daily writing commitment. Today’s writing prompt comes from a photo. This hand stood seven glorious feet … Continue reading

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The blank page, part two

Like many people who want to do creative work, I struggle with lack of faith in my ability. Keeping my butt in the chair long enough to write something is harder than getting my girls to sit at the dinner … Continue reading

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Shuffle step, shuffle ball change

“Pretty, girls, pretty!!” I had another tap dancing class. All us “girls” did a slightly better job of not crashing into the wall and into each other than last time. Our teacher, Diane, seemed genuinely delighted by us, no matter … Continue reading

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Not a proud moment

The other day, I admitted to lax money management and asked anyone who sees me approaching a restaurant to send me home at once. Yet the very next day, we (along with some friends) ordered takeout for dinner. Why? I … Continue reading

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Five, Six, Seven, Eight

And now for another installment of Things I Know Will Make Me Look Ridiculous:  tap dancing class! The ridiculousness started when I bought my size 11 tap shoes. Yes, really. I called around to find a store with my size … Continue reading

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The squeaky wheel gets the discount

Never let it be said that doing this blog doesn’t pay. Yesterday, the girls and I went back-to-school shopping at the mall, as did the rest of our country (or so it seemed). If you believe the stereotype, women LOVE … Continue reading

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