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Beyond the year of double-dog dares

I almost didn’t come back. After three months of ignoring the promise I made a year ago today, how do I have the nerve to show my face here? Here’s how. Even though my commitment to doing one brave thing … Continue reading

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Billy on the Street

The fabulous Jules at Go Guilty Pleasures has given me yet another reason to blow off my work: FuseTV’s “Funny or Die presents ‘Billy on the Street.’”  I watched every single clip on Funny or Die yesterday and laughed myself silly. … Continue reading

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Gold mine or Scooby Doo campground? You decide

Yesterday I panned for gold in Dahlonega in the heart of Lumpkin County. Really. I’d hoped this would be my joyful thing, but it felt a lot like washing dishes. Here’s how it works: you lean over a large shallow … Continue reading

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Identity crisis

This blog (and I) seem to have stalled. Finding something brave to do and write about isn’t the priority it was. I find that an entire day’s attention goes to my to-do list. And my list is pretty boring. I’ll … Continue reading

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Not your daughter’s hula hoop

I don’t usually wake up the morning after a workout with a sore ear and a bruised waist. And yet that’s exactly what I did after my first hula hoop class. I’d heard that hula hooping builds core strength and … Continue reading

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The lollipop syndrome

When I am in the doctor’s office, I feel rude asking questions or challenging a diagnosis. Yet I know that it’s crazy not to. I’m not sure where the fear comes from. I don’t really believe that they will withhold treatment … Continue reading

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Another mouse bites the dust

After the holiday rush, I sink into my suddenly shortened to-do list like a hot bath. After so much crazy, I can’t help gobbling up the free time that materializes overnight. So that’s what I’ve been doing this week. Sue … Continue reading

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