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The blogging habit and bad pants

As much as the whole concept of doing one brave thing a day became tiresome to me around the eight-month mark, the lack of a concept makes it hard to know what to write now. So I’ve decided to post … Continue reading

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I’m ba-aack!

Focusing on my fiction class has kept me away from blogging. Strangely, despite not having posted for more than a week, my stats went crazy a couple of days ago. Ok, they tripled, which, considering my usual stats, isn’t really … Continue reading

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On the red carpet

My daughter joined me in my pursuit of joy yesterday, which of course made my second foray into painting much more fun. She did have a few questions about my composition that verged on the critical. She questioned the purple parachuting … Continue reading

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Bring on the joy

Partly because the short days really start getting to me in February and partly because I feel like it, I’ll be doing something a little different here this month. Each day, I’ll spend a little time doing something joyful, fun … Continue reading

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Candle Lighter Award

Kate at Believe Anyway has awarded me the Candle Lighter Award, which recognizes blogs that make a positive impact on the world. I am flattered and grateful, especially since I’ve been struggling with this blog lately. So thanks Kate, for … Continue reading

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Identity crisis

This blog (and I) seem to have stalled. Finding something brave to do and write about isn’t the priority it was. I find that an entire day’s attention goes to my to-do list. And my list is pretty boring. I’ll … Continue reading

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And the winner is…

I am a lucky lady. I’ve received two blogging awards over the past week. Aren’t they pretty! The awards were bestowed by the equally fabulous Jodie and the booksnob. If you haven’t already, you should check out their blogs. Thank … Continue reading

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