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Just say no

Tonight was open house night for Sarah’s second-grade class. You know, meet the teacher, see the classroom and file past about a dozen sign-up sheets for volunteer “opportunities.” These sheets have been a problem for me in the past. So … Continue reading

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Me vs. Crabbiella

There is a mean cashier at the grocery store. Let’s call her Crabbiella. If my children misbehave at the checkout, she scolds them. Granted, by the end of a shopping trip, I am usually so annoyed that I forbid them … Continue reading

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The joy of a self-flushing toilet

Note to self: never take electricity for granted again. Today was our fifth day without power and water, and my children’s eating habits have taken a turn for the worse. They have eaten way too much takeout and too many … Continue reading

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Sorry [cough], can’t [achoo!] make it

Ah, the summer cold. I feel terrible. I canceled a much anticipated lunch and declined an invitation to hang out poolside with another friend. There was no choice really; I am coughing every other word and tethered to a box … Continue reading

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Not-so-brave public shenanigans

Dancing (sober) in public is always a little intimidating for me. Dancing somewhere you aren’t supposed to dance is even more so, given bystanders’ likely annoyance and possible ousting by management. So dancing at Glee: the 3D Concert Movie would … Continue reading

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Croaking through voiceover class

Today was my first voiceover training session. Just an orientation really, but still a step toward something new. Unfortunately, a summer cold and too many nights out have left me without a voice, so impressing the teacher with my oh-so-marketable … Continue reading

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As brave as I can be without leaving my desk

Today’s workload did not allow much time for trying something new, looking foolish or even interacting with people. So I think it’s time for another embarrassing admission. They don’t require leaving my office, and I have a handy supply of … Continue reading

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