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Candle Lighter Award

Kate at Believe Anyway has awarded me the Candle Lighter Award, which recognizes blogs that make a positive impact on the world. I am flattered and grateful, especially since I’ve been struggling with this blog lately. So thanks Kate, for … Continue reading

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The lollipop syndrome

When I am in the doctor’s office, I feel rude asking questions or challenging a diagnosis. Yet I know that it’s crazy not to. I’m not sure where the fear comes from. I don’t really believe that they will withhold treatment … Continue reading

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A little of this

Just a few microbraveries from the past few days. When I felt pressured to agree to a meeting time that would make a colleague happy and me stressed, I said I couldn’t meet until later. After someone volunteered me for … Continue reading

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Ask and you just might receive

Yesterday, I moved my girls and my dogs back into our house. Our power has been restored. I am really grateful for this bit of good fortune, especially since half the people in town are still out of power! Packing and … Continue reading

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Another microbravery

Greetings from my father’s house. While I am still soooooo grateful for zippy modern conveniences like heat and running water, operating from a different home base has left me a bit discombobulated and less efficient than usual. So I will probably … Continue reading

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Never give up. Never surrender…except maybe this once

I’ve made a decision that embarrasses me. A while back, I decided to try voiceover acting and embarked on a training program that ends in a demo recording. So far, the training has been fun, and my confidence in both … Continue reading

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In defense of Sarah’s sparkle

Yesterday I met with Sarah’s second-grade teacher, who said she is struggling with reading, writing and math. Of course my first question was, “But how is she doing in gym? There’s no problem in gym class, right? Right??” We also … Continue reading

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