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Who got the hooch? (me)

I am not a teetotaler, although I do enjoy saying that word. I see nothing wrong with a glass or two of something with dinner, and let’s just say I enjoy myself at parties. (Muff, behave yourself.) But recently I’ve … Continue reading

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1 Last night, friends witnessed bits of our daily squalor that I usually shut up in closets at the prospect of onlookers. Typically, I take great pains to hide evidence of our cluttered lifestyle before opening my door to company. … Continue reading

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As brave as I can be without leaving my desk

Today’s workload did not allow much time for trying something new, looking foolish or even interacting with people. So I think it’s time for another embarrassing admission. They don’t require leaving my office, and I have a handy supply of … Continue reading

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I’ve also read Shakespeare, just not lately

One tiny moment of authenticity today. I enjoy reading children’s books. To myself. For  my own pleasure, not to preview them for my kids. Although I have used that excuse in the past. I also have tucked Harry Potter book … Continue reading

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Beware the crab hordes

Soooooo happy to be at the beach. Beyond swanning around in my Miraclesuit® (sans cover-up!), I didn’t do anything brave today. I love the ocean and have no fear about what lurks within. Which is a good thing, otherwise Sarah’s … Continue reading

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Horizontally striped glory

Today was a busy day of packing for the beach. So beyond ordering a drink made with scotch (when I know how badly scotch burns my gullet), I have only one microscopic bravery for today. Despite my weight, I wore … Continue reading

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A different kind of house tour

I am taking it easy today after a couple of busy days. Instead of leaving my house to do something interesting, I thought I would invite you in. This way you can see what my house looks like when I … Continue reading

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