More guerrilla goodness

I was up to my old tricks yesterday. Well, one old trick. Lately I’ve been worrying about money and holding on to my wallet a bit more tightly as a result. A friend said that whenever she feels like that, she gives money away, which immediately makes her appreciate what she has and sometimes even turns the financial tide in her favor.

Why not?

Hiding money in the grocery store this winter was a lot of fun, so I decided to do something similar. Actually, I did two similar things, because I couldn’t decide which to do.

First, I hid ten dollar bills within ten books in our children’s library. No, I won’t tell you which ones. I picked books I’ve loved and left a note for ten little readers, feeling (as I did in the grocery store) delightfully sneaky. I sent my daughters to the other side of the library so they wouldn’t be tempted to tell their friends where to find the dough (or grab it for themselves).

When I was a kid, not much was better than found money. I hope the kids who find these little surprises are intrigued about who put them there.

And then I hope they finish their books.

Next, I bought some stuff for a local food pantry and tucked into the outer wrapping of each item a Starbucks gift card with a little thank-you note for the staff.

The people who work at these places definitely deserve a treat.

So, do I feel richer? Maybe not, but I do feel better.

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12 Responses to More guerrilla goodness

  1. That is awesome! I need to take my kids and do this, too. They love having opportunities to be generous.

  2. bigsheepcommunications says:

    LOVE this idea!

  3. Generous soul you are. This concept is similar to the adage ‘feeling helpless – help someone’. Bravo bravo 🙂

  4. Sue says:

    Way to go Dory!! Love both those ideas!

  5. Go Jules Go says:

    Oh, I’m so glad you revived this; this is definitely one of the most memorable -and awesome- things you have done! And the notes are PERFECT. You rule! I totally agree sometimes loosening the purse strings a little in the name of a good deed can only turn out well.

  6. That’s lovely. I hope you feel better soon. If it helps, I admire you for taking steps and being so generous in order to combat the things you are feeling. I need to learn from you.

  7. Love this. What an awesome way to share a smile.

  8. deb reilly says:

    You Boo Radley, you!

    A few years ago, financial anxiety had me so tense I could hardly breathe. I did the same thing you did. I sent small bills with anonymous notes addressed to “A Wounded Soldier” hospitalized at Walter Reid. As I wrote the messages, I thought about what those men and women had gone through, and what most will live with for the rest of their lives. Loving someone else always makes us feel better. Nice post.

  9. ryanushi says:

    I love the idea of rewarding the reader. Perhaps this will spur children to read more in hopes of finding another treasure? This reminds of the whole “Pay it Forward” idea, a simple but powerful gesture to brighten someone else’s day, and maybe they’ll feel compelled to do the same. Those workers definitely deserve a bit of recognition, and I’m sure they’ll appreciate it greatly.

  10. I love this idea. Wonderful post. I am so looking forward to reading more of your blog posts.

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