One mother’s meditation

Motherhood is like a game of ping pong on a table that sometimes changes into a plate of French fries or a thermometer or a bad report card, and you aren’t always supposed to hit the ball (sometimes you are supposed to ignore it or paint it purple or sing it a song but no one tells you that in advance). Still, you are expected to adapt to the changing landscape and demands with skill, grace and patience.

I say that partly because the topics change so rapidly and so randomly.

A Shoulder Buddy - Collect them all!

One minute I am asked to define the word “poverty,” to which my girls respond with appropriate solemnity. The next minute – I mean the very next – I am invited to watch their shoulder buddies dance with each other.

Or maybe it’s because their behavior is unpredictable. One morning ejecting them from their beds involves a song, a dance, a bit of tickling, some begging and eventually, the mad mommy voice. The next day, typically a day I’ve risen early to get a head start on work, they wake to the sound of my eyelids opening.

Then again the emotional demands can be dizzying. The cold shoulder in the afternoon (as punishment for an unspecified maternal crime) is followed immediately and without transition by entreaties to “snuggle for just a few minutes longer” in the evening.

What is my point? Motherhood is hard. Even with healthy, loving, joyful kids (which is the kind I am blessed with).

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know no one said it would be easy. And I never said I wouldn’t whine about it.


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14 Responses to One mother’s meditation

  1. winsomebella says:

    Whining is good. Necessary and deserved. Love the ecard 🙂

  2. Amen sister, and I only have one.

  3. Muff says:

    It is EXHAUSTING being a parent, and I am not home all the time, which provides a very needed respite from the daily grind. I often ask myself when the “reward” comes…they cost me my time, energy, money, etc, and often disrespectfully! So what is in this for me? Not always sure.


    When I think about how much more money I would have, how much more time I would have, how much less stress I would have, I wonder what on earth would I be doing with my life that would be as meaningful to others? Pretty much I come to the conclusion that I would be a selfish bastard – granted, I would have a beach house and a porsche, but selfish bastard none-the-less.

    I think that parenting is like George W. Bush and history. You don’t know the impact now – it gets measured in time…

    So whine away – all of us parents understand.

  4. notquiteold says:

    I don’t have kids myself – so I am asking this rhetorically – “Are boys different?”

  5. NO boys are not different. I can’t remember how old your girls are, but the minute puberty hits around 11 3/4 in both boys and girls, it’s a roller coaster ride. So strap on your good attitude, put your hands in the air, and learn to roll with it. In preperation, I highly recommend finding the scariest roller coaster you can find and practice having fun on it – savor each calm moment, breathe through the anticipation of the next time you are going to be spun upside down (that’s the worry part), and realize that the scary part WILL end until the next scary part begins (again and again) . . . FYI the ride lasts about a decade – coasting in to the unloading area at around age 23. Have fun (really, I mean that – taking it all too seriously is a waste of energy, unfortunately, it’s hard not to do with the people we love most in the world).

  6. gojulesgo says:

    Oh, someecards, you get me every time!! That one really made me laugh.

    Kudos to you, Dory, for raising such joyful children – I am sure they get that from you! You just call me when mommy needs vodka and Twilight.

  7. boys are different…but in ways you probably wouldn’t expect. Motherhood IS exhausting! Love the ecard!!

  8. It’s SO hard. I mean, awesome, yes, of course, we all know that. BUT. Thank you for echoing my brain.

  9. Tori Nelson says:

    Thanks for this post. Moms need to be honest and whine about it every once in a while. Ask my neighbors, my husband, and the dog. They’ve all heard it from me 🙂

  10. Carla says:

    Our home has always been somewhat of a choir of chaos. 🙂 It can be frustrating, but I am convinced it is one of the greatest wonders of the world. Jumping from subject to mess to questions to dinner to whatever else wears ya out. A mom’s brain should be hot wired to multitask at warp speed, according to our kids. Mine, I assure you is not. lol Great post!

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