A new way to walk your dog

I just discovered my favorite way to give my dog, Scout, some exercise. I heard him barking at something on the road, possibly a pedestrian, more likely a suspicious leaf. I called his name from an upstairs window. He sprinted toward my voice and ended up at the front door, which is in the general vicinity. But because leaf patrol requires constant vigilance, he tore right back to the road again. I called him again, and he darted to the front door. And so on.

He never quite figured out 1) where I was or 2) that I was messing with him. He was just happy splitting his time between defending the realm and answering the call of his beloved. Exercise and self-worth. You’re welcome, Scout.

And I never had to leave my bedroom.

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15 Responses to A new way to walk your dog

  1. winsomebella says:

    Scout looks plumb wore out 🙂

  2. Oh for the days of the fenced in yard that would keep my dogs in and let me play this game.

  3. ghfool says:

    Hey, leaves can be dangerous. Ask any windshield wiper, filter or drain.

  4. k8edid says:

    I don’t have an upstairs, but I’m trying this anyway. Brilliant!

  5. sj says:

    I tried this with the dog I had when I was a teenager, but she was smarter than I’d given her credit for. She figured out where I was calling from and stood looking up at the 2nd floor bathroom window, wagging her tail and whining for me to quit messing around and come play with her already.

  6. Naw, poor doggy 😛 I would love to believe that when we think dogs are being a bit ‘slow,’ they are actually just going along with it to entertain us; however, I have my doubts… 🙂

  7. Scout is a sweetie! I might have to try those tactics on my dog!

  8. He probably thought he was saving your life…


  9. So cute! Oregano and I play a similar game with our cat Sam and it makes us laugh every time.

  10. Adorable picture, and great idea!

  11. gojulesgo says:

    Sooo cute!! Now, can you think of something equally effective to trick me into exercising more?

  12. Snoring Dog Studio says:

    I’ve found that shrieking, “Who’s there?!” works quite well, too. They never seem to catch on that I’ve punked them. That’s what I love about our dogs. They have very short memories and tons of tolerance for us.

  13. If I could walk a dog like that, I’d get a dog.

  14. workmomad says:

    Kayla bought a laser pointer that Mandy and Darwin like to chase. She can send them up and down the stairs from the back porch to the back yard many times without them getting tired of the game, or her having to move either!


  15. love it! we have a split level entry way, and so I like to toss his ball down the stairs so he has to run up and down them!

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