Must stop watching Torchwood

I am embarassed to admit how many episodes of Torchwood I’ve watched this past week. That was my goof-off time yesterday yet again.

Today I am taking the kids out to a park and to the $2 movie theater in town since they are out of school. Hopefully there will be silliness that doesn’t involve television.

And yes, I am aware that a movie theater is just a large TV you watch with lots of other people.

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8 Responses to Must stop watching Torchwood

  1. Movies are an event in our house, though. It’s a big deal to get to go to the theater with the family. Have fun!

  2. If you were folding laundry WHILE you watched torchwood, then that would be mulit-tasking:) We are going to go to the big TV today too. Laundry can wait:) Enjoy!

  3. gojulesgo says:

    I sense this is a plea to your Guilty Pleasure Goddess for a pardon. Very well.

    Please keep watching both the big and small screen – endlessly. A baby chipmunk will cry if you don’t.

  4. jfb57 says:

    Sometimes that is what is needed! The important thing is that you enjoyed it!

  5. BuddhaKat says:

    Sorry, I can’t help abate some of that guilt, as I happen to believe that one can NEVER (srsly) watch too much Torchwood. That is, of course, if you mean the REAL Torchwood with Captain Jack and Ianto, Gwen, Rhys, Toshiko and Owen, before they all got blown to united kingdom come, or some such tripe. Anyhoo, I think, next to Mr. Tennant’s Dr. Who, there really isn’t any good TV – and I’m American!!! I may just have to rob a bank so I can afford to own all of the tenth Dr. and all of pre-reincarnated Torchwood.
    In other news, you have been “tagged” – details of this can be found here . It is all very selfish, really, I tagged you so I can getet to know what other TV shows you like (even if they don’t answer any of the questions). Should you choose to accept this mission, I’ll be excited and if you choose not to participate, well I’m still gonna like you anyway!!! So there!!!

  6. I haven’t actually seen Torchwood, but I HAVE been watching a lot of movies, lately. With my kids it’s sort of been something we can do “together” while my brain is functionally disengaged. *hanging head in shame*. It’s reading week for me, this week. I’ll have to check out Torchwood 🙂

  7. Ok, so Torchwood happens to be available on the Netflix here in Brazil. I just spent weeks watching episodes of Desperate Housewives and Medium, telling myself that because I can get the shows subtitled in Portuguese (audio of course in English) that it is somehow contributing to my life here in Brazil, but all the time knowing that I never bother to read the subtitles. Today, I clicked on the Torchwood link… I pulled back, but i don’t know how much longer I can resist…

  8. Angie Z. says:

    Thank God Downton Abbey is done for this year so I can get on with my life now and check out some new shows, starting with Sherlock and then maybe Torchwood (I seem to need another obsession).

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