Another TV addiction

Yesterday’s joy jolt came from lunch out with a friend I don’t get to see as often as I’d like. Nothing like Chinese food, a girly martini and great conversation to make me smile.

I find I still hesitate to reach out to friends to arrange get-togethers (maybe I still need to work on bravery after all). I’m so glad she reached out this time. I’ll be sure to be the one to call next time.

Today’s joy came from taking a break from an article that wasn’t coming together (and that was due today) to watch the first episode of Torchwood. I love this show already and not just because of that handsome Captain Jack Harkness. Ok, maybe mostly because of him. I started watching it because I had read that if you like Dr. Who (as I do), you might like Torchwood, too. Yay! A new TV addiction.

The great thing is that after taking that break, my article came together pretty well, I think. I hope. Well, at least it’s done.

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12 Responses to Another TV addiction

  1. Lesley says:

    Steady now, Torchwood really is addictive. Harder edged that Dr Who and not always suitable for kids to watch. Enjoy.

  2. booksnob says:


    I had no idea you were a Whovian! I have been lazy and never got around to watching Torchwood, but my 12 year old has been encouraging me to. I just need to find more time in the day to actually watch something mommy wants to watch.

    Also, totally jealous of your Chinese food and martinis. Sounds like you had a pretty great day.

  3. Angie Z. says:

    Better than Downton Abbey? I must hear more.

    • So much to say. Ok. First, here is a special treat for Downton fans::

      Second, if you like Downton, you may like another Masterpiece series. Masterpiece Mystery: Sherlock. It’s hard for me to talk about how awesome Sherlock is without profanity but I have a 10-year-old watching me type right now so I have to keep it rated G. But is @#$#% awesome!!

      If you like scifi, especially things like Buffy, Firefly, and Dr. Who, you will like Torchwood. If not, it won’t be very interesting for you. But Captain Jack Harkenss is still enjoyable to watch. He’s crazy handsome, albeit a little cheezy. But I love him anyway.

      I really need to develop a hobby that takes me out of my living room, don’t you think?

      • Angie Z. says:

        Those paper dolls are fantastic! They gave me and my husband a good laugh this morning. Thanks. I’ve been wanting to see Sherlock for some time now as I’ve heard tons of great things about it. I love, love, love the guy who (I think) plays Watson. He was my favorite character on the BBC’s The Office.

  4. Lesley says:

    You’re not geeky – THIS is geeky: Did you know that Torchwood is an anagram of Doctor Who?

    Incidentally, don’t get to excited about series 4, it takes a bit of a nosedive.

    Downton Abbey: That snapshot of typical English folk going about their daily lives. We all live like that over here, you know *sniffs haughtily* . I’m really looking forward to the next series.

    Only this morning I had a conversation with the hubby, Lord Boofuls, I said, “Where’s the tea strainer, dear.” He replied, “It’s his day orf.”

    You have to love well crafted tv programmes, almost worth staying in, missing the zumba class and getting( staying) fat for.

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