Bring on the joy

Partly because the short days really start getting to me in February and partly because I feel like it, I’ll be doing something a little different here this month.

Each day, I’ll spend a little time doing something joyful, fun or silly—anything that brings a genuine smile to my face will do. I was inspired by my friends at Bitch Yourself Thin, who got their joy on for a month last year.

I’m hoping that deliberately seeking out fun will jolt me out of my doldrums and get me blogging every day again. And if not, at least I’ll have had a good time.

Each day, I’ll share a new way to go out (or stay in) and have a little fun. Feel free to join me in my pursuit of joy. We could all use a bit more playtime. If you decide to play along, please share what you did.

I’m kicking off the month by spreading a little joy around. I’m off to the grocery store, where I plan to hide 15 $1 bills in various items on the shelves. A dollar won’t exactly change anyone’s life, but found money is always fun, right?

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36 Responses to Bring on the joy

  1. What a fun idea! Where do you shop? 🙂

  2. I’ve definitely noticed a dramatic uptick in my spending during the last month. I was so thrifty in the summer and fall but now I’ll use any excuse to spend.

  3. Great idea. I’ll do something today!

  4. bigsheepcommunications says:

    I’m looking forward to reading what you do this month, mostly because I don’t think I could think of some way to have fun everyday (sad, I know). Shine on!

  5. jfb57 says:

    Oh what a great idea. Mind there may be folks who will worry in case they are arrested for stealing!! Here’s to lots of smiles!

  6. gojulesgo says:

    OMG That’s fantastic! Wish there were hidden cameras in the store that you could stream live on the web, LOL

  7. This is a wonderful idea. I will be silly with you. I love the dollar bill idea. Brilliant!

  8. Libby Lu says:

    Brilliant. I think I must be a copy cat and do the same. The last time I hid anything in the grocery was on April Fool’s Day when I put a time delayed whoopee cushion on the shelf by the beans. That can be considered bringing joy, right? ☺ Anyway, I love this and join you in bringing joy.

  9. How awesome! We all need some random acts of joy.

  10. Great idea. I hope someone who really needs it will find it. Sometimes I see change on the street and start to pick it up before I think, “Someone who needs it more than I do should find that.”


  11. I surprised my son at school with take-out lunch. There was some serious joy.

  12. k8edid says:

    I like this idea….today I shared lunch with 2 coworkers who did not have have lunch with them and who didn’t have time to run out and get something. I had plenty of left-overs and we made a little picnic of it.

  13. anomalouis says:

    i ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS!!! I wonder if you might attach a little post it to ask the lucky finder(s) – assuming they have pencil – to leave a comment and to perhaps think to spread that little piece of happiness as well…

  14. Ha! I love it! What a fantastic way to bring a little joy into someones life! A dollar is almost a cup of coffee 😉

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