I heart novocain

My nice dentist recommended some preventative dental work in the interest of my health and well-being and not because he wants a nicer vacation rental this summer.

Novocain was “unnecessary” but I asked for it because I am a big baby and cold water hurts my teeth. A couple of hours later, it is leaving my system and taking all of my energy along with it. So instead of a real post, I offer this for your enjoyment:

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9 Responses to I heart novocain

  1. I’m glad that you were brave and asked for something to make you more comfortable. Good for you. My favorite part is when I finally quit drooling.

  2. Lesley says:

    One of my favourite scenes from one of my favourite films. Thanks!!

  3. Tori Nelson says:

    I have the hardest time actually asking for things. Like if I’m miserable and they don’t offer anything then maybe I’m supposed to be miserable? Ridiculous, isn’t it? Glad you were brave and asked!

  4. Elyse says:

    Great. Nightmares tonight for me.

  5. I miss the good ol’ days when they loaded you up with laughing gas. It made going to the dentist a close second to an evening at a comedy club.

  6. I don’t mind the novocaine because it gives me a legitimate excuse for my addiction to drooling.

  7. Love this! I have the WORST fear of dentists. Actually they called me yesterday to schedule a cleaning and luckily my daughter was having a meltdown in the background and the tech said maybe she should call me back at a better time. I should slip my daughter five bucks for that one!

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