Another mouse bites the dust

After the holiday rush, I sink into my suddenly shortened to-do list like a hot bath. After so much crazy, I can’t help gobbling up the free time that materializes overnight. So that’s what I’ve been doing this week. Sue me.

A few things to mention:

At the library, I retrieved my own book from the on-hold shelf when the librarian was busy, which is, strictly speaking, against the rules. But since I am such a fabulous library patron, she was ok with it. A caper not exactly drenched with adrenaline, but still.

I am making glacial progress on identifying publications to target and queries to send, but progress nonetheless. I continue to willfully ignore housework to pursue things that interest me, but we knew that already.

And I disposed of another mouse and his erstwhile foot lying next to the trap. Yuck and yuck again. I’d get a cat to help me out here, but I’m not sure I could take the rejection. My dogs live to express their love for me (when they aren’t eating every forbidden substance in sight), and that’s just the way I like it.

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17 Responses to Another mouse bites the dust

  1. Muff says:

    With apologies to the late Freddy M…

    Mickey walks warily down the street,
    With the brim pulled way down low
    Ain’t no sound but the sound of his feet,
    Mouse trap ready to go

    Are you ready,
    Are you ready for this
    Are you hanging on the edge of your seat
    Out of the doorway the trap leaps
    And snaps off one of his feet

    Another one bites the dust
    Another one bites the dust
    And another one gone, and another one gone
    Another one bites the dust
    Hey, I’m gonna get you too
    Another one bites the dust

    How do you think I’m going to get along,
    Without you, when you’re gone
    You freaked me out you furry lad,
    And I bravely killed you on my own

    Are you happy, are you satisfied
    How long can you stand the heat
    Out of the doorway the trap leaps
    And snaps off one of his feet

  2. I have 2 cats and no mouse that has dared to enter my house has lived to tell the tale. As for rejection, I’ve had cats my entire life and they have always been cuddly and friendly pets. You can’t beat the sound of purring.

    • Paprika…they don’t like me. *sob* Ok, that’s not entirely true. I have known some friendly kitties in my life. But I have known some who have told me in no uncertain terms, “Go back to dogland, lady. We don’t want your kind here.” I agree, a purring kitty is a lovely thing.

  3. Tori Nelson says:

    My mom just got two cats. She’s never owned a cat before, but dogs weren’t cool with her busy schedule and, you know, why not get two while you’re at it. She called me crying. It took ten minutes for me to understand that no one was hurt and no part of the world was ending. She was upset, naturally, because the cats prefer sleeping in a litter box to playing with her. They are cold-hearted little things 🙂

  4. Our cat decided to become the outdoor neighborhood cat so he rarely comes in these days. We now have rats squeaking and scurrying in the walls and occasionally the pantry. I typically think of myself as a humane person who loves animals, but I want to throw a party every time one of those rodents bites it in the trap. We use the electrocution box. Seems more humane than limb amputation.

  5. jfb57 says:

    You have given me my phrase for the year ‘glacial progress’! Fabulous!!

  6. notquiteold says:

    My cats are really good mousers – which we need out here in the country. HOWEVER…. that doesn’t mean you don’t find icky bodies. I am getting to the point where I can deal with finding a dead body. What I still can’t stand is finding half a body.

  7. Last dog was afraid of mice. And then he became incontinent. The pee was enough to put them off…

  8. At our library, the patrons have to get their own books from the hold shelf! And, we check ourselves out. It’s a glorious system.

    I might have to fly you to our home to help with our rodent population. Although, since the last incident, we have seen no evidence of any more interlopers, thankfully. I’m pretty sure a severed foot would make me throw up.

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