Telling the truth, loudly

Amid not keeping my New Year’s resolutions for exercising and eating well, I told a difficult truth. I told my father, who hears the TV just fine (when it is so loud that the walls shake) and who rarely understands what my daughters are saying to him (even when they make sense) that yes, he should try a hearing aid. Period.

It’s not what he wanted to hear, but I’d rather not hear his TV when I’m in his driveway either.

In other news, I took my daughters and two other little girls out for lunch yesterday. We played Table Topics while we waited for pizza. Here is an excerpt of the philosophical debate among 7 and 10 year old girls (only slightly edited by me):

K (reading the first question): If you had all of your wishes granted what problems would you have?

G: I could wish that all pizza had olives and then all pizza would have olives and that would ruin pizza forever.

H: Yeah, but then we could wish that teachers do what we want them to do in school.

K: Or eat chocolate all day long.

G: You want the teachers to eat chocolate all day long?

K: Nooo, US. We eat chocolate all day long.

S: Some people like olives.

K (reading): What nickname would you like?

Me: Queen Mommy Sunshine

G: Alberto

K (reading): What’s the best and worst thing about your position in the family birth order?

H: I know more so I can show off my mad skills.

K: I get to watch her do something first and then I learn how to do it.

K (reading): What makes something art?

G: When I think it’s pretty.

H: Yeah.

Me: What if H thinks it’s pretty and you don’t, G?

G: Then it’s not art.

H: Hey!

S: When is the pizza coming?? Pizza on the table looks like art to me.

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35 Responses to Telling the truth, loudly

  1. jfb57 says:

    Very deep! Hope the pizza was yummy!

  2. So how did Dad take your suggestion?

  3. Libby Lu says:

    I love this…and can relate to the “selective hearing” and TV issue with your Dad…and I love the conversation with the kids. Priceless. Love your blog,
    Libby Lu

  4. You’ve got to love the way the mind of a child works.

  5. winsomebella says:

    They do know how to get to the crux of the matter, don’t they??

  6. Tori Nelson says:

    Queen Mommy Sunshine has a pretty nice ring to it 🙂

  7. gojulesgo says:

    Congratulations on confronting your father about a difficult topic. And THANKS for sharing this hilarious lunch dialogue! “Pizza on the table looks like art to me.” That killed me! It sure does, S.

  8. k8edid says:

    My sister has a profound hearing loss – and finally got her hearing aids. Our time together is much more enjoyable – and I am glad that she is not missing so much of what is going on around her.
    I believe pizza is art, especially when a piece of it is on my plate.

    • So glad for you and your sister. It’s hard to know how much to push my father, but he really does miss so much of what is going on around him. It seems a shame not to at least try hearing aids.

  9. –I’d Like to eat Chocolate all day long, too. ;)) X

  10. Elyse says:

    You could give your dad an old fashioned horn, too. The batteries aren’t quite so expensive!

  11. I LOVE Table Topics. It’s so much better than everyone staring at their smartphones and texting other people.

  12. Angie Z. says:

    I loved this! I love when cute can actually be frickin’ hilarious. When my kids have adorable banter like this, I always say I want to cram them into a snow globe I could wear on a chain around my neck all day. In a good way.

  13. My guess is that your pizza had olives on it. Or maybe not.
    I hope your dad actually heard you about the hearing aid (even if he didn’t hear you – at least emotionally). I would assume the quality of his life (and yours, when you visit) would go up dramatically.

  14. This might be one of my favorite posts of yours.

  15. Pizza on the table is an art in progress! It’s perfection once it reaches my taste buds 🙂

  16. Love it! It’s the simple conversations that leave the most impression.

  17. Three cheers for eating chocolate all day long! (And for being brave enough to tell your dad to get some help. That’s what love is, I think. Doing what you need to do, even when you know it won’t be well received. I applaud you, tough lady!)

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