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Candle Lighter Award

Kate at Believe Anyway has awarded me the Candle Lighter Award, which recognizes blogs that make a positive impact on the world. I am flattered and grateful, especially since I’ve been struggling with this blog lately. So thanks Kate, for … Continue reading

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I heart novocain

My nice dentist recommended some preventative dental work in the interest of my health and well-being and not because he wants a nicer vacation rental this summer. Novocain was “unnecessary” but I asked for it because I am a big … Continue reading

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100 Word Challenge for Grownups – Week #28

This week’s 100 Word Challenge for Grownups is to write a short piece including the phrase “…you bought her what…” ___ “You bought her what all the tutors think she’ll like, but she doesn’t need toys or sweets. Taika conjures playthings from … Continue reading

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Identity crisis

This blog (and I) seem to have stalled. Finding something brave to do and write about isn’t the priority it was. I find that an entire day’s attention goes to my to-do list. And my list is pretty boring. I’ll … Continue reading

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Not your daughter’s hula hoop

I don’t usually wake up the morning after a workout with a sore ear and a bruised waist. And yet that’s exactly what I did after my first hula hoop class. I’d heard that hula hooping builds core strength and … Continue reading

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Meals on Wheels 2

I did another Meals on Wheels run. No one told me I was beautiful this time, but the lady who did beamed at me like I was her favorite person in the world. I just want to hug that woman! … Continue reading

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The lollipop syndrome

When I am in the doctor’s office, I feel rude asking questions or challenging a diagnosis. Yet I know that it’s crazy not to. I’m not sure where the fear comes from. I don’t really believe that they will withhold treatment … Continue reading

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