Whatever happened to your blog?

Clearly I’ve fallen out of the blogging habit, a habit I really like. Too  much work plus a few extra family demands added up to only nine posts this month. Nine. Today Gracie asked, “Whatever happened to your blog?” This was a key rhetorical device in her argument that 10-year-olds should be allowed to bungee jump, but she had a point.

I love writing this blog and hearing from the people who read it. I love looking for ways to challenge myself every day. I just…haven’t made as much time for it lately. I’m trying to get back into the swing of things. Really.

Here are a few tidbits from the past week:


Lisa over at Woman Wielding Words recently put out a call for stories for a project she is working on. I shared a few of mine. Felt kind of ballsy. Who do I think I am anyway? Lisa kindly read them and shared a few kind comments, too. Thanks, Lisa!


I’ve been thinking about drinking, especially about how it’s been happening more frequently lately. So this week, I decided to hop on the wagon for four days. It was fine. Not an issue. As a bonus, I snacked less at night. I would have gone for a fifth day on Thanksgiving, but some things are just more enjoyable with a drink. An excess of football, for me, is one of them.


I’m happy to say I did NOT brave the Black Friday crowds this year. I view this as sanity rather than cowardice. For those of you who did and got a great deal on the solid gold iPad with the T-Rex bone, good for you.


And now for something to pad this hastily written post:

“We can all reprogram our brain’s responses by putting ourselves into new, initially uncomfortable situations. We’ll learn fear might not mean ‘stop’; I’ve come to believe fear usually means ‘go.’” — Frances Moore Lappé

It’s obvious that I could use some inspiration. When have you felt fear and chosen “go” instead of “stop”?

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25 Responses to Whatever happened to your blog?

  1. Well I’m commenting on this post of yours after momentarily upsetting someone last week quite by accident. Her first reaction to what I wrote was so far from the lighthearted place my mind was in, that I’ve been a little upset with myself for the past few days. I’m been trying to choose go as often as I can these past few years, because choosing stop did nothing for my life for so many decades of what felt like drowning. Thanks for the quote from Ms. Lappé. I hope I come to find it true in my own life.

    • It can be hard to gauge the reaction to our comments. I’m sure that you had great intentions. You musn’t let one misunderstanding stop you from commenting. Your comments here are always thoughtful, interesting and welcome.

  2. Don’t worry about your number of blogs. Better to have your great quality rather than quantity.
    As for your comment about fear – my husband always tries to remind me that it’s ok to be afraid, but it’s not ok to let that fear rule your life.

    • You are right about quality vs. quantity, although I have to say that when I was blogging every day I thought like a writer – noticing more, paying more attention to my thoughts. Even if I don’t go back to posting every day, I’d like to go back to that.

  3. addielicious says:

    Everyday, or at least I try to. Being able to conquer my fears by daring myself every so often and eventually turning said fears into things I lalalalove make me feel proud of myself.

  4. gojulesgo says:

    What is this “on the wagon” you speak of? 😉 I allowed myself to get teary on two separate occasions this weekend, in front of my parents and a friend, which is brave for me because I HATE crying in front of anyone!

    • The wagon is cold and hard and uncomfortable, kind of like I imagine hugging Edward would be. The fall from it is delightful.

      I am with you on the crying – it is almost impossible for me to cry in front of people. Hope your tears were the happy kind. 🙂

  5. Lisa Wields Words says:

    Thanks for the link. I do think it was ballsy, but at the same time not really because you are a writer and what good is writing if you don’t get your words out there and read. I am afraid every time I share a piece of writing that means a lot to me, and I still wonder who I think I am blogging as often as I do.

    My life seems to be a series of feeling fear and going anyway. But sometimes I just feel FAILURE and that will make me stop cold. That seems to be the hardest thing for me to face, the potential of failing. So then I stumble along doing nothing and that is no good.


  6. Patrick says:

    I, for one, am grateful to read your blog whether it’s 9 times in a month or 30. Just keep writing when and wherever you can – for everyone’s sake. 🙂

  7. winsomebella says:

    I would not worry whether you post everyday, just write every day. Not to publish, necessarily, but so you keep in the habit of looking and noticing and processing. A key “go” moment for me was to go ahead with a blog. For the longest time I was very afraid to let anyone see what I wrote, especially the more personal aspects of it. Then one day I said what the hell…..and plunged headlong from stop to go. I was reluctant, at first, to let people I know read it but I’ve thrown that fear out the window as well, apparently.

  8. I really enjoy your blog and think it is great to step out of your places of fear! I think sometimes we all step out of blogging posts sometimes it takes over a life form of it’s own and we need to take a break. I think sometimes we just need to not think about what we are going to do and jump right in!

  9. gatehouse13 says:

    Lovely post and great quote. My fear right now is that I’m setting up a new blog and nobody will be interested. Funny how just writing down your fear can immediately make it sound silly.

  10. Muff says:


    • You never let me get away with ANYTHING. Some enabler you turned out to be.

      • Muff says:

        This is why my kids will need therapy.

      • Muff says:

        I know that I joke a lot, and that it is hard to take me seriously sometimes (OK, MOST of the time), but since you like quotes, here is one I think you will respect. It fits exactly what you are trying to do with yourself…

        Mahatma Gandhi
        Satisfaction lies in the effort, not the attainment. Full effort is full victory.

        Have to ask yourself what you are doing with this goal, and if you have gotten to full victory yet…It’s not about how many posts you had in November, it’s about the daily effort and discipline to get to a braver state of mind. The blog posts are the tools to prove you are on your way to your own full victory.

  11. Fear is the mind killer, right? I have stopped at fear so many times in my life, I couldn’t even begin to recount them. We are a household that spent six months researching a sofa purchase. I’m getting braver, though. I said “yes” to grad school. I said “no” to a mother’s group that saved my sanity three years ago, but that has changed into something political and un-fun. Part of it, I think, is just deserving to be happy. And, accepting that, becoming willing to take the risk associated with the pursuit of happiness. Or something.
    It’s good to be reading you again, Dory. You’re one of those bloggers who reminds me of what is good 🙂

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