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And the winner is…

I am a lucky lady. I’ve received two blogging awards over the past week. Aren’t they pretty! The awards were bestowed by the equally fabulous Jodie and the booksnob. If you haven’t already, you should check out their blogs. Thank … Continue reading

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I’m not afraid of bees, but I’d prefer not to be stung, thank you very much. I don’t get hysterical when they approach, but I respect their personal space. And I really appreciate the favor they do for us with … Continue reading

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Whatever happened to your blog?

Clearly I’ve fallen out of the blogging habit, a habit I really like. Too  much work plus a few extra family demands added up to only nine posts this month. Nine. Today Gracie asked, “Whatever happened to your blog?” This … Continue reading

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Just saying no (to work and cooking)

Over the past couple of days, I faced two fears: fear of falling short in the art of entertaining and fear of disappointing a client. On Saturday we had friends over for dinner. Our day got away from us and … Continue reading

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And a little of that

As you know, asking for help is difficult for me. Accepting help when it’s offered is almost as difficult. Last week, a nice parent offered to drive Gracie home from one of her many team practices. I smiled and declined … Continue reading

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A little of this

Just a few microbraveries from the past few days. When I felt pressured to agree to a meeting time that would make a colleague happy and me stressed, I said I couldn’t meet until later. After someone volunteered me for … Continue reading

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The big 1-0

Silence can be hard. I’m not talking about the silent retreat where I was not murdered in my fitful sleep. I’m talking about silence that used to be filled with easy conversation. Gracie turned 10 yesterday. My even-tempered, affectionate, smart, … Continue reading

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