Two updates

Just a quick post today with two updates.

A few months ago, ignoring my usual reservations and fear of rejection, I reached out to someone I thought would be a great friend. We finally got together last night for some good food and great conversation. She is wonderful. So glad I reached out!

Second, Virginia over at Kiss Chronicles dared me to find a new (at least to me) charitable organization and volunteer. After many attempts, I finally connected with the local coordinator for Meals on Wheels. I am going to deliver meals for those who need them. Yay! I’ll share more details when I begin that work.

I leave you with a picture that makes me giggle.

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21 Responses to Two updates

  1. bigsheepcommunications says:

    I’d stick a gold star on this post if I knew how! I’m so happy for you : )

  2. gatehouse13 says:

    Heck I hate the big brother qualities of working for a large corporation…..”Access Denied –
    The web resource has been deemed by your administrator to be unsafe or unsuitable for you to access. The resource has been blocked. No further action is required.” No further action is required except for me to swear at my computer and be sad that the powers that be have decided I can’t have a giggle too! Obviously laughter is not a company value.

  3. Yay for you! I think you get five gold stars for volunteering!

  4. Good for you! And what a great example as a mom to volunteer (do you hear my guilt speaking?). That’s awesome.

  5. Woot! Great new friends and new volunteer opportunities are all kinds of awesome. You go, lady!

  6. Thanks for the giggle and the good news!

  7. addielicious says:

    Very funny pic. Almost spat out my coffee. All the best on your volunteering. I’ve been wanting to do that – like teach English to street kids, I just couldn’t find time. Sigh.

  8. Virginia says:

    Thanks for the shout out, Dory! 😀 And wow, I can’t wait to hear your first Meals on Wheels story. Congratulations! I’d also still really love it if you’d consider doing a guest post about this volunteer dare somewhere along the road (pun intended).

    Meanwhile, I found a SITS Girls post you might like: It instantly made me think of you. 🙂

  9. k8edid says:

    Bless you for volunteering. I posted that pic in my Friday Facebook Family and Friends, I thought it was really funny.

  10. workmomad says:

    I have filled in at Meals for Wheels before, and it was very rewarding.

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