I head off to my silent retreat today. It occurs to me that I don’t know much about the retreat center. It’s in the middle of nowhere in Massachusetts and the registration process didn’t leave much of a paper trail. It may be quite lovely. It may also be the lair of a serial killer. Hard to tell. If you don’t hear from me by Monday, you’ll know which.

Quick update on a couple of microbraveries from yesterday:

  • My daughters’ tutoring service teaches math differently than I was taught. In other words, I have no idea how they want her to do subtraction. There, I said it. Admitting that isn’t terribly brave, but going back to her teacher three times to say “I still don’t get it” is fairly embarrassing.
  • I accepted a compliment instead of arguing or self-deprecating my way out of it. That may not be brave, but it sure is a healthy change. Why does accepting a compliment feel like pride (in the conceited, Biblical, punishable sense) instead of healthy self-esteem? You can take the girl out of the Catholic Church, but you can’t take the Catholic Church out of the girl. Ok, ok, it’s not fair to blame my religious upbringing for everything. It is satisfying though. Anyway, a compliment is like a little gift and thanking someone for it is just good manners. Period. Yesterday, I smiled, said thank you and moved on.

This will be the last you (or anyone else) will hear from me until after the retreat. I’ll be sure to share all the details with you next week. That is, if I’m not locked in someone’s basement.

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18 Responses to Shhh

  1. bigsheepcommunications says:

    Enjoy the retreat and if you don’t post next week, we’ll send a search party.

  2. Gilly says:

    Have a silent time! I enjoy some moments of silence and alone time, but a whole weekend of silence! I don’t know if I could do it… How do you communicate with others? Chalkboards? Notepads? Or are you not supposed to communicate? Anyway, have a great time and if it looks like the private home of a serial turn around and find a spa instead.

  3. notquiteold says:

    I’ve been hearing a lot about these lately. People certainly like to talk about their ability to stop talking. I don’t think I can do it. When I am home alone, I talk to myself!

  4. Elyse says:

    If the silent retreat does end up being run by a serial killer, are you allowed to shout or are you contractually obligated to be silent?

  5. Enjoy your retreat, kiddo. I am all kinds of jealous that I will be here with my loud children and even louder extended family (it’s Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend) while you submerse yourself in meditative silence. I must book one of these for myself. Soon!
    Also? Accepting a compliment is a kick-ass act of bravery. It took me 33 years to learn how to do that. Rock on!

  6. If you are locked in a basement I will find you and bust you out 🙂 I hope you have an amazing time at your retreat!

    Speaking of homework if it makes you feel better my husband and I mulled over my sons grade 4 homework for over an hour on one question and still got it wrong!

  7. gojulesgo says:

    Wow, I can’t wait to hear how it goes!! And nicely done with your “microbraveries” (that term made me laugh out loud!). That subtraction method sounds like a nightmare.

  8. Virginia says:

    Is it time for you to come home yet and tell us how it went? Or do we need to go start checking random basements and trying to find you?

    Anxious in Indy

  9. Muff says:

    I hope it goes well. I hope you don’t get some song in your head that just loops around and around, which, in turn, would completely interfere with your introspective, rejuvenating journey. Namaste.

    I seem to recall you knowing the handshake that the boys in the movie “Big” had. Certainly that couldn’t get stuck in your head, right?

    • the space goes down, down baby, down, down the roller coaster. sweet, sweet baby, sweet, sweet, don’t let me go. shimmy, shimmy, cocoa pop. shimmy, shimmy, rock. shimmy, shimmy, cocoa pop. shimmy, shimmy, rock. I met a girlfriend – a triscuit. she said, a triscuit – a biscuit. ice cream, soda pop, vanilla on the top. ooh, Shelly’s out, walking down the street, ten times a week. I read it. I said it. I stole my momma’s credit. I’m cool. I’m hot. sock me in the stomach three more times.

      Nice try, but I am already home.

  10. I would soooo be thinking the same thing about the retreat. Too many horror movies as a kid.
    And both of those things were brave. Congratulations.

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