What I learned from the writing prompts

Yesterday was the last day of my one-week commitment to daily writing prompts. While I didn’t much like what I wrote, I loved writing it. Here is what I learned:

Even though it feels hopeless at first, I will come up with something. Being confused and unsure is fine. In fact, it seems to be my only starting place. The trick for me is to just sit. Sink right into the confusion and uncertainty and wait it out. Something will happen.

I learned that I want to do more, but that desire doesn’t make it any easier to fit it in to my day. I have no answers here, but I did read a great post about getting past your excuses on LIVE TO WRITE — WRITE TO LIVE.

Besides one haiku, I didn’t share any of my writing with you. I promise that when I write something I don’t hate am proud of, I will. And I hope that will be soon.

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13 Responses to What I learned from the writing prompts

  1. gojulesgo says:

    Thanks for sharing that post! I’ve definitely come up with every excuse in the book (har har) for not finishing my memoir (my only ‘real’ full-length piece that I have at this point). I keep struggling with whether or not to turn it into fiction.

    I can’t wait to read whatever you’re willing to share with us! 🙂

  2. bigsheepcommunications says:

    Sometimes the process is more important than the final product. I love getting lost in the act of writing, even if I don’t always love what I wrote.

  3. notquiteold says:

    I ALWAYS love what I write. That’s both a good and a terrible attitude. It’s very hard to edit when everything is so wonderful 😉

  4. I like your suggestion for gojulesgo. I’ve been thinking a lot about writing fiction again, largely thanks to you (thank you!). Maybe putting it out there for my blog readers is the motivation I need?

  5. estherlou says:

    I found when using plinky prompts, they are often engineered to produce short responses, not a blog of any length. It is difficult to use them sometimes. I’m glad you stretched yourself and learned a few things. Enjoyed reading this.

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