A day without geese

I’m feeling pretty good today. I wasn’t stalked by a psycho goose and am eager to return to the story I wrote from yesterday’s prompt. Not that I think I’ve written anything great. It is drivel. But I like the character who showed up and became a hindrance, and I might try to take the story further. I can’t tell you how encouraged I am by this.

Here is today’s writing prompt, courtesy of Writer’s Digest:

You come across a pack of matches that sets off a series of uncanny events. Start your story with “My mother always told me not to play with fire.” End it with “And that’s how I ended up in the middle of nowhere—naked.”

Should be a fun one!

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8 Responses to A day without geese

  1. When I held up the lit match, a psycho goose started chasing me. It wouldn’t let up, even when I started pelting it with my clothes. It started with my jacket and ended with my shoes. And that’s how I ended up in the middle of nowhere – naked.

  2. bigsheepcommunications says:

    So glad your day was goose-free : )

  3. workmomad says:

    A day without a goose chase is like a day at the beach?
    Are you participating in NaNoMo whatever the rest of it is month? Would you like to be writing buddies if so?


    • It sounds great, but I am a little intimidated by the time commitment. We would need to write something like 6 pages a day (every day), right?

      • workmomad says:

        50000 words in a month, which in a 30 day month equates to 1666.67 words a day. I thought that was a lot too, until I looked at how many words I put out in a blog post. Then I realized it was more doable. The other thing is that we get to tell the inner critic to shut up and just let us write no matter how bad it is. Even if you don’t make the 50,000 words, the practice with the inner critic would be invaluable! I’m scared to death about doing it but I’m going to try. Right now, my inner critic has told me that I can’t possibly come up with a good idea for a novel from scratch, and I’m arguing with her.

      • Tell her I said to shut up! I realize I am avoiding your question. 🙂

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