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No tricks, no treats. Just snow and flashlights.

Clearly we didn’t learn our lesson from Hurricane Irene. We didn’t bite the bullet and buy that generator last month, didn’t react to news of the latest storm quickly enough. The freaky fall snowstorm has left 95% of our town … Continue reading

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Kickboxing, a day late

I intended to post an account of my kickboxing experience yesterday. Alas, a freak Halloween snowstorm knocked out our power, leaving me helplessly offline. So yesterday’s post is below. As for today, well, telling my kids that we couldn’t go … Continue reading

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Kickboxing, sport of the future (like tomorrow)

A light rain on a chilly morning. A nearly empty shopping center. Four people stand outside a martial arts center and wait. And shiver. And wait. I reported for kickboxing at 10am sharp. The center owner was unavoidably detained, so … Continue reading

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The only thing to fear is…my schedule

You know how you commit to doing something scary every day and writing a daily blog about it and then you don’t make it out of the house except to take your kids to the orthodontist, tutor, swim team and/or … Continue reading

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Two updates

Just a quick post today with two updates. A few months ago, ignoring my usual reservations and fear of rejection, I reached out to someone I thought would be a great friend. We finally got together last night for some … Continue reading

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Never give up. Never surrender…except maybe this once

I’ve made a decision that embarrasses me. A while back, I decided to try voiceover acting and embarked on a training program that ends in a demo recording. So far, the training has been fun, and my confidence in both … Continue reading

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Not much to report

I did my new workshop yesterday. You know, the one I decided not to over prepare for? It went well—not perfectly—but well. I received good feedback and an indication that there might be more work to come. So that’s good. I was nervous, … Continue reading

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