Bravery or stupidity?

If you have sidewalks where you live, count yourself lucky. My beautiful town has lots of trees and charming old stone walls but, except for a short stretch at the center of town, no sidewalks.

This large and fairly rural town isn’t near a lot of shopping, so it takes a while to get anywhere. People deal with the inconvenience by driving like maniacs. (I am above such behavior, in the same way that the ocean is above the sky.)

On my road, which is long and winding and has no shoulder, people take the turns at about 40, the straightaways at about 45 (I’m just being honest here, fellow townspeople/aspiring racecar drivers).

So walking on this road is suicidal  an indication of profound stupidity  slightly treacherous. But yesterday morning, I needed to get in a workout to meet my commitment and didn’t have time to go anywhere else to get it, so I went for a jog on the
road of death.

It was 7am on Saturday and people were already running late, barreling down the road at crazy speeds. It wasn’t so bad when they could see me coming and had time to slow down. But when I approached a blind turn, the roar of a car engine becoming louder by the second, it was scary. Judging by the startled face of the driver who swerved abruptly into the other lane, I was not the only one who thought so.

I can’t call this brave. Just stupid. That’s what I think of pedestrians when I’m behind the wheel on this road. You must be stupid. Or you must have a death wish.

And then I swerve.

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12 Responses to Bravery or stupidity?

  1. Noel says:

    Be careful out there. People these days drive like there is no tomorrow. No respect for others at all.

  2. bigsheepcommunications says:

    Clear proof that exercise is dangerous – for goodness sake, go plop down on the couch where it’s safe!

  3. workmomad says:

    I don’t know why or when sidewalks went out of fashion, but I miss them too.


  4. Muff says:

    We have similar surroundings where I am and I am an avid (in my mind) bike rider. Same craziness holds true for the bikes on the road. I stay off busy roads because the cars are crazy and have no tolerance for anything other than cars on the road. And arguably, cars have no tolerance for cars that are smaller than theirs. People disrespect my Mini Cooper all the time! Bikers and pedestrians beware!

    I do have sidewalks in my development at my house. When there is 3 feet of snow on the ground and the snow ploughs have put another 6 feet of snow/ice boulders on the sidewalks, be grateful you don’t have any. If I don’t get my sidewalks cleared, it’s a $200 fine per day. Sidewalks are entirely over-rated.

  5. I think there is a fine line between bravery and stupidity. The outcome of a situation usually determines which one it is.

  6. Holy hell! First thing: “I am above such behavior, in the same way that the ocean is above the sky.”: That is an awesome turn of phrase. I love it. I’m going to use it the next time someone asks me if I ever yell at my kids. Second thing (and I have to ask this because I’m kind of a sadist): Did the adrenaline/fear-of-death improve your pace? That’s the only possible reason I could even remotely consider justifying doing such a thing. You are brave, lady. Wowzers.

    • I shouldn’t tell you this, but it did. Faced with the blind curve/approaching deathmobile, I started running. I usually…lurch. One foot goes in front of the other, but that is where the resemblance to running ends.

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