Last night, friends witnessed bits of our daily squalor that I usually shut up in closets at the prospect of onlookers. Typically, I take great pains to hide evidence of our cluttered lifestyle before opening my door to company. It’s no wonder I find entertaining so tiring.

The carpet didn’t look like a Monet, but I did leave out the girls’ homework stuff and some other junk on the counter.

We are celebrating the baby steps, people.

I noted no visible signs of scorn. So maybe now I can stop pretending I run as tight a ship as my mother (as if anyone ever bought that little charade).


Kayla Watch, Day 6: Another leg down. Total ejected appendages: 5. I laid it on the line with the girls, but their optimism still outweighs my extensive hermit crab expertise gleaned from the Interweb. I’ll let you know if and when she sheds this mortal coil. She must be running out of legs, so that should be the next thing, shedding-wise.

The crab may already be dead. It’s hard to tell.


Tonight we are hosting our First! Sleepover! Ever! Four girls, pizza, ice cream sundaes and Hoodwinked Too. Yay?

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6 Responses to Miscellany

  1. Muff says:

    This is what you call disorganized? You need some time in other people’s homes! Looks fantastic to me!

  2. bigsheepcommunications says:

    I’m with Muff – you look pretty organized to me! And Kayla, well, are there any indications that she’s still alive? Sounds pretty dire. Hope you had a fabulous sleep over!

  3. What they said! Those pics are more-or-less what my kitchen looks like all the time, except with far fewer mixing bowls and fridge magnets strewn around.
    I hope the sleepover went well. They were my favourite when I was a girl, but I’m a little terrified of hosting them for my own daughter!

  4. Margie says:

    I like leaving some amount of clutter out when I have company – makes my guests feel better about the clutter in their houses…

    • Make sense. I once read that when you have people over, you should answer the door putting on earrings or shoes or something. If you are relaxed enough to let them see you not quite done, they will be relaxed, too. Thanks for stopping by, Margie!

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