Five, Six, Seven, Eight

And now for another installment of Things I Know Will Make Me Look Ridiculous:  tap dancing class! The ridiculousness started when I bought my size 11 tap shoes. Yes, really.

I called around to find a store with my size in stock while I ate lunch in a nearly empty sandwich shop.

Me: Hi. Do you carry tap shoes [mumble, mumble, mumble]?

Store clerk: Excuse me?

Me: Do you carry tap shoes in…adult sizes?

Guy eating lunch in the corner: [meets my eye, looks away quickly]

Store clerk: Sure. We have several styles. What are you looking for?

Me: No idea. But do you have a size [mumble] in stock?

Store clerk: I’m sorry. I lost you there.

Me: Do you have tap shoes in an adult size 11?!

Store clerk: Sure. Come on in!

Guy eating lunch in the corner: [snicker]

As ridiculous as they look on my clown feet, I kind of love these shoes. I don’t know why, but the sound makes me smile. After I brought them home, I tapped around my bedroom closet for a while, feeling giddy. I don’t know what’s happened to me, either.

Anyway, my classmates and I moved pretty slowly last night, concentrating on learning steps and not falling down. New tap shoes are slippery. I was not the only one to nearly wipe out. I was the only one to crash into the wall. I like to make my mark.

Our teacher, Diane, made it difficult not to have fun. Her enthusiasm is so infectious, it may become a pandemic. Maybe it’s a dance teacher thing? My belly dancing teacher was remarkably joyful, too.

Diane dubbed me the “rockette,” probably because of my natural talent and not because I tower over everyone I meet. When I missed a cue (shocker!), she called, “Where is my rockette?” This tickled me beyond reason.

But Diane was excited about everyone’s performance, frequently chirping “Beautiful, girls, beautiful!” Not one of us “girls” was under 40, and most of us clung to the barre whenever we could.

It was a lot of fun, and I’m looking forward to the next class. For now, I have to go…um…organize my bedroom closet. I may be awhile.

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17 Responses to Five, Six, Seven, Eight

  1. Molly says:

    You’re not going to believe this, but I’m starting a tap class on Tuesday. Hmmm… Clearly we will be performing in “Anything Goes” within a few months. I can’t imagine EVER getting over the fun of making noise while you walk. (I also believe if I ever were to get a pair of pointe shoes I would cripple myself by never taking them off. I went up on them a few times as a child and I still get giddy thinking about how cool it felt.)

  2. sarahplainnsimp says:

    Awwww! You so rock! I always wanted to make the clicking noises! When my daughter was young, I think i forced her to watch Sesame Street just so that I could see Savion Glover tap his heart out. Have fun!!!!

  3. bigsheepcommunications says:

    Click away and enjoy every minute of! Nice going, Rockette!

  4. Gilly says:

    I have always thought of picking up a dance class in my adulthood. Sounds like fun! I imagine I’ll be like Ginger Rogers… But given that I can’t walk down a wall without tripping, stubbing toe, or running into a wall, my imagined dance prowess is unlikely to become a reality. I crazy-love the sound taps make too!

  5. workmomad says:

    I am so jealous! We don’t have any adult classes of that type available in my area, at least that I’ve been able to find. Enjoy it wholeheartedly!


  6. That’s AWESOME! That sounds like such a fun time, and the perfect brave adventure!

  7. peasoutmama says:

    Love that you’re taking dance class! I have this fantasy of taking ballet some day. As a child I was too shy, then too self-conscious to try. This blog is such a great idea!

  8. So fun! I always wanted to do a tap class, but just couldn’t pul the trigger. Please keep us posted!

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