Me vs. Crabbiella

There is a mean cashier at the grocery store. Let’s call her Crabbiella.

If my children misbehave at the checkout, she scolds them. Granted, by the end of a shopping trip, I am usually so annoyed that I forbid them to talk. So I am no paragon of patience. But still, go scold your own kids, lady.

When we had two feet of snow and ice for a month or two last winter, she had no patience for the “whiners” desperate for it to melt already. “They should live in North Dakota if they want to know what a hard winter looks like.” This was in response to “Good morning.”

Yesterday, I went to her checkout counter with my reusable bags. She sighed loudly—apparently, reusable bags are right up there with whining about snow and not raising your kids right.

I also don’t use plastic produce bags unless I need to. This too did not mesh with her world view, so she began bagging my produce in plastic bags.

Me: Oh, I don’t use plastic bags for produce.

Crabbiella [still bagging]

Me: Because I like to save the plastic.

Crabbiella [still bagging]

Me: So you don’t have to bag those apples.

Crabbiella [still bagging]

Me: Ma’am?

Crabbiella [still bagging]

Me: Ma’am, please don’t bag the produce.

Crabbiella: Excuse me?

Me: I don’t use plastic bags for produce. I’m trying to use less plastic.

It was clear from Crabbiella’s face that I am the reason this country is going to hell in a handbasket. She emptied the bag, bouncing the apples on the checkout belt, shook her head and resumed packing my grocery bags, each of which ended up heavier than my 7-year-old.

Moral of the story? Speaking up about what you want is good, but it won’t stop people from acting like jerks.

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11 Responses to Me vs. Crabbiella

  1. bigsheepcommunications says:

    Crabiella is an inspired name choice for this woman. I tend to have the opposite problem with cashiers where I live – you know, the overly friendly kind who are prone to TMI. I try my best to scope out who’s working each checkout lane to avoid the worst offenders.

  2. notquiteold says:

    There is something in the air these last few years – that seems to prohibit people from tolerating any view that doesn’t coincide with theirs. It’s like intolerance is a virtue and empathy is the sin. But keep sticking to your guns in your nice way. It may eventually break through.

  3. We have one of those at our local grocery store! I avoid her aisle whenever I can, but sometimes dealing with her miserable attitude is better than waiting at a different till. (Remarkably, her line is always the shortest. Huh!) We don’t use plastic produce bags. We bring our own commercially manufactured cloth bags for produce and bulk items. This is offensive to her. She actually once asked me if I was a “Communist or something”. Fortunately, she’s never scolded my kids because, if she did, it would be hard not to smack her. Kudos to you for holding your ground and refusing to be a jerk!

  4. Muff says:

    OK, let’s not pass over the scolding of your kids for a second…if she is to EVER try that on you, please do me a favor. Ask her to stop talking to your kids that you don’t appreciate it, and then IMMEDIATELY go to the supervisor and complain to management. Do this like a mama bear would by the way. Getting loud and dramatic won’t help UNLESS you get a little attitude from the supervisor. Then go ape shit. By the way, ape sit crazy is overwhelmingly therapeutic. If you feel that you can’t do this, call me. I will drive down, play the part of the offended parent, and do it for you. This woman must be stopped.

    We have a circumstance at our church – one family is the uber-religious Greek Orthodox family. You know the kind…they want to nail themselves to a cross at Easter to demonstrate their commitment to the world around them? Yeah, them. Anyway, each week (ok, each week that we actually go to church), the father of this tribe goes out of his way to talk to my middle son telling him to take his hands out of his pockets. He further goes on to grab my son’s arm and pull it out of his pocket. First time it happened, I let it slide. It is church afterall, and he is correct that it is disrespectful to have your hands in your pockets on the communion line…second time it happened, I passive-aggressively stepped in, and said hello, and shook the guys hand. Third time it happened, I grabbed his hand while he grabbed my son’s hand. I whispered in his ear that if he ever talks to my kids again in a patronizing way, or if he ever touches my kid again, he is going to have a serious problem. Not with me, but with the priest. That’s right, I went for the jugular. I strongly advise you do the same. They guy avoids me now, and I am rather certain, thinks I am a psycho. Just the result I was looking for. OK, onto the food. Would you consider confronting this woman as if she were a child? So let’s say next time she gives you the attitude, the muttering under her breath, the ignore tactics…get aggressive? Say something like, excuse me, is there something wrong? Do you have a problem with my using my own bags? Stare her in the eye and be the alpha!

    While this woman clearly has a miserable job, it is NOT reasonable for her to project it onto you. Just don’t stand for it!

    Now I realize this is all cave man bullshit, but you know, enough with being polite. It isn’t always the solution.

    You are a person who makes a living with effective language. Your bagger/checker troll doesn’t speak polite. So stop talking politely to her if you want a response. Just sayin.

    • You seem upset. Maybe you should make another video? 😉 If she EVER tried to touch my children, she would regret it for quite a while. And that is not bluster. I LOVE the way you handled the guy at your church. I know I said something when she scolded them, but I honestly can’t remember what it was (it was a while ago). No worries; I am looking after my babies. But I do appreciate the offer to come down and go all caveman on her grumpy ass.

  5. workmomad says:

    That’s funny. Since we live in a small town, and usually go to the same grocery store, we have the opposite problem – cashiers usually perk up their ears as Kayla and I approach to her what witticisms (advertent or inadvertent) will fall from her lips today. Her comment about her having a zero-pack of abs convulsed one (male) cashier, one (male) bagger and three customers in line behind us. Another day, I heard one cashier tell another as we came up to the line “That little girl always wants something from the checkout line, and her mother always tells her no.” Sigh.

  6. lrsawyer says:

    Hahaha this literally made me laugh so hard! I have never encountered someone like that, but… You handled it pretty well 🙂

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