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Wild goose chase

Certain things can really focus your attention, really bring you into the present moment. Like being chased by a crazed goose. This is not my writing prompt exercise from yesterday; this happened. Today I went for a jog on a … Continue reading

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The blank page, part two

Like many people who want to do creative work, I struggle with lack of faith in my ability. Keeping my butt in the chair long enough to write something is harder than getting my girls to sit at the dinner … Continue reading

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Playing hooky

I’ve realized that I need to play hooky from this blog sometimes. Or maybe I just want to. Yesterday was like that. I committed to doing something brave every day for a year, and so far I have. Sometimes you … Continue reading

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Adventures in retail

I have little to report and little time to report it in. Here are a few things I did this weekend to make myself heard: After casting meaningful looks at three Best Buy employees and being ignored by each one, … Continue reading

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Crazy mom confessions

Ain’t no sunshine where we live; everything has been grey and wet and buggy for days. Although I hate cold weather, we REALLY need some to kill the mosquitoes, who seem intent on moving up the food chain before winter. … Continue reading

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Braving the polite distance

My colleague has been going through a hard time. I don’t know all the details; I only know that a professional setback has thrown her for a serious loop. This woman is phenomenal – smart, funny, wise, generous, kickass in … Continue reading

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Shuffle step, shuffle ball change

“Pretty, girls, pretty!!” I had another tap dancing class. All us “girls” did a slightly better job of not crashing into the wall and into each other than last time. Our teacher, Diane, seemed genuinely delighted by us, no matter … Continue reading

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