At least we’ll have zucchini bread

People around here are freaking out. Cutting in line at the gas stations, trolling the water and battery aisles, wild-eyed and somewhat breathless, and generally just stressing me out.

Today was all about hurricane prep. Filling water pitchers and bathtubs, taking in wind chimes and other outside paraphernalia we don’t want impaled in the siding. Charging cell phones, laptops, DSs and anything else with a chargeable battery. A last-minute shopping trip, during which I managed to score a couple of water bottles at the back of the top shelf.

My quest for D batteries, begun in optimism, ended in laughter. Not mine. The cashier’s. She told me there wasn’t one left in the state of Connecticut.

I spent a good part of the afternoon baking—zucchini bread, cookies. I don’t know why, either. In times of trouble, baked goods are the answer.

Our local government keeps sending helpful emails offering a mix of good advice and reasons to run screaming into the night. Some mentioned dust masks, plastic sheeting and duct tape.

Tonight all four of us will sleep in the family room in a big heap, like puppies. The girls will wake us once the storm wakes them, so we may as well begin the night together. Plus if any of our trees come down, and one or two might, we want to keep our distance from likely broken windows. The girls are thrilled about this. Sleeping in a room with us and a TV? Party!

I still harbor a small hope that a conspiracy of on-air meteorologists, bottled water companies, and battery manufacturers is behind the local hullabaloo. I realize I am clutching at straws.

I hope we all end up over prepared and of course, safe as houses. Not just those I love, but everyone in Irene’s path.

Keep safe, everyone.

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4 Responses to At least we’ll have zucchini bread

  1. I agree. Baked goods do fix many, many things. I hope you are over-prepared and Irene blows herself out long before she reaches you. Then you’ll really be able to enjoy that awesome family slumber party!

  2. bigsheepcommunications says:

    You know, hurricanes would be a whole lot more fun if the news people would get on the air and say: “Residents are advised to start baking cookies and zucchini bread right now, oh, and maybe get some batteries and water too.” Hope you stayed safe and dry and enjoyed the slumber party.

  3. Thanks for the good wishes, everyone!

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