Ice cream, cow umbrellas and other important hurricane considerations

Other than chancing the impending hurricane-induced power outage without a generator (a decision I am not 100% behind), the bravest thing I did today was telling my kids that tomorrow’s much anticipated first! sleepover! ever! won’t be happening due to Hurricane Irene.

We are not in an evacuation zone, but expect to lose power and a few trees. I am trying to tone it down for my worried children, who know how to access the Weather Channel online.

Grace: If you look up in the sky during a hurricane, what do you see?

Me: Clouds and rain. Also, me telling you to get back inside.

Sarah: If the power goes out, can we eat all the ice cream before it melts?

Me: No.

Sarah: Can we eat it after it melts?

Me: *sigh*

Grace [reading from the Weather Channel website]: What does it mean that “Hurricane Irene has taken a turn for the worse?”

Me: Hey, look over there! Is that a squirrel??

Sarah: What will happen to the cows down the street?

Me: The farmer has special umbrellas for them.

Both: So how soon can we reschedule the sleepover?

Me: Um…

Grace: Will the wind be as fast as our car on the highway?

Me: Well…

Sarah: Does that mean it will feel like a car is crashing into our house?

Me: No. It feels like that when you guys jump on the furniture.

Grace: How long will the power be out?

Me: Longer than we want but not as long as we fear.

Sarah: If we have to go to the basement, can we bring the portable DVD player?

Me: Of course.

Grace: Will the mall still be open if the power goes out?

Me: *sigh*

Sarah: Can we go to a hotel if we lose power for a really long time, like six hours or something?

Me: Six hours? Seriously?

Both: Does this mean school won’t start next week?

Me: O, you’re going to school.

Sarah: Can I sleep with you tomorrow night?

Me: Yes, baby.

I have a few flashlight batteries and bottled water and nonperishable food. What I need is a nap.

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6 Responses to Ice cream, cow umbrellas and other important hurricane considerations

  1. bigsheepcommunications says:

    Special umbrellas for the cows? Very creative : )

  2. Muff says:

    First sleep over ever? Really? That’s a dare you need to take.

    Cow umbrellas…hmmm….I thought cows were waterproof!

  3. Jodie says:

    Lol your kids are adorable. 🙂

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