Resistance is futile

I had plans for today—couple of work projects this morning, back-to-school shopping this afternoon. But those plans went out the window when I got a migraine.

For those of you who’ve never had one, here is a little taste. A tiny spot, sort of like an afterimage but brighter, pops up in my field of vision, usually to the left of center.

A spark of panic – can’t afford to lose today, too much to do.

Hoping I imagined the spot, I blink a few times and try to read something. If I can, I’m fine; no migraine. If some of the letters are obscured, I’m in trouble.

Migraine confirmed, I rush around to put my affairs in order before the spot expands to block my entire range of vision. Take some medicine while I can still (sort of) read the label, feed the dogs, make tea, feed the kids, and get back to bed, this time with my sunglasses. Must not let light touch my eyes!

I inform my daughters that my bed will be command central today. Sarah looks like she might jump into bed with me but then notices her reflection in my sunglasses and starts mugging. Grace is less nervous, more practical – disappointed to be housebound but cheered by the prospect of way more TV than usual.

By this time, I can’t see much of anything, and even though I know it’s temporary, I panic.

Deep breathing for a few minutes, during which I fantasize that today, I will exhale the migraine away. As my vision clears, an unpleasant, almost metallic taste invades the back of my mouth, causing me to swallow repeatedly. Around this time, I become nauseous. Then the pain hits.

Some say migraines feel like a vise tightening around your head. To me they feel like tiny sadistic men on the inside of my skull pushing out. With sledgehammers.

What bothers me almost as much as the pain is losing an entire day to it. Also, it’s embarrassing to tell someone I can’t do the work/make it to the party/leave my house because of a headache. Makes me sound Victorian, delicate, subject to fainting spells.

To recap:

My  kids are awesome. They are eager to help and impressively self-sufficient for their age.

When it comes to migraines, resistance is futile; submission is the only option.

I am amazingly productive when given only five minutes before incapacitation.

My eyesight comes back; it always does. I wish that were more of a comfort while it’s gone.

Today sucked, but tomorrow will be better.

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6 Responses to Resistance is futile

  1. Donna says:

    That truly sucks! I wish I was there to help you. The kids are amazing though!

  2. Wow. I get them, too. And every time, I’m like “Okay, if I take two extra strength Advil, drink a cup of coffee and a litre of water, I’ll be fine.” Yeah…. I went to university and everything, can you believe it? Rest well. Your kids sound like all kinds of awesome. Tomorrow will be a better day!

  3. Marge Trammel says:

    I get migraines too and only suffer from the visual aura!! Not to say I am happy to hear you get those too but I really don’t know anyone else who has them! No pain afterwards but I can’t see much for 1/2 hour. Pulsating, flashing, zig-zagging lights. Very bizarre. After I get my vision back, I move on with my day. Dr. says hormonal at this point…great. Hope you feel better.

  4. Muff says:

    The meds don’t help. Just sleep and darkness. Mine are starting to go beyond on day…

    You are suffering, don’t feel bad about it. It’s not like you have the vapors or something dramatic. It’s a friggin’ migrane!

    feel better.

  5. bigsheepcommunications says:

    You’re right – you can’t fight them off or wish them away. Seems unfair that you have to have a summer cold and a migraine all at the same time : (

  6. Thanks for the good wishes and sympathy, everyone! Today is better already!!

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