Sorry [cough], can’t [achoo!] make it

Ah, the summer cold. I feel terrible. I canceled a much anticipated lunch and declined an invitation to hang out poolside with another friend. There was no choice really; I am coughing every other word and tethered to a box of tissues.

Here is the thing that kills me though. I worried about the cancelling and the declining. I didn’t use the cold as an excuse to avoid something unpleasant; I like and wanted to see both friends. And giving them my cold would be decidedly unkind.

Yet I worried. Would they be insulted? Would they think I was avoiding them?

At what point did I become so fearful of displeasing others that even when I am doing the right thing, I worry about being perceived as wrong?

Messed-up little ex-Catholic, ain’t I?

I know that courage only happens when you feel fear and don’t let it stop you, but I think I’d also like to work on not feeling so much freakin fear. It is such a waste of time and energy.

For now, I’ll spend my energy on kicking this cold. That’s today’s project.

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7 Responses to Sorry [cough], can’t [achoo!] make it

  1. bigsheepcommunications says:

    Summer colds stink. Worrying about what other people think stinks too. Hope you feel better on both counts : )

  2. Dude. Summer colds suck. Believe or not, the fear does fade, eventually. But, wow, does it ever mess us up in the meantime. Feel better, my friend. I’m sending virtual chicken soup and tissues your way 🙂

  3. Muff says:

    OK, then think about it in a service kind of way…had you gone you could have gotten your friends sick, but you also would not have been your chipper self. They would not have had as good time as they normally would have. You saved them the lost time of an average lunch. Now, when you reschedule, you will be yourself, and the value of their time will be much higher. Think of it as “Enjoyment Cost Averaging”.

    You’re such a giver!

  4. Selena says:

    Feel better soon!

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