In Anna we trust

Okay, so today was a day of pleasing my children on one of our few remaining summer days – a mall trip, pizza, a visit to my sister’s pool. So there wasn’t a lot of time for bravery, and I had to squeeze something in at the last minute.

Enter my lovely, brilliant, sweet niece, Anna. Anna has her learner’s permit, as in for driving. So the bravest thing I did today was to let Anna drive me and my two girls home.

She did a great job. That didn’t stop me from pretending we faced death around every turn. I have to have my fun where I can.

After a particularly sharp turn, Anna accused me, a paragon of understatement and restraint, of dramatizing the centrifugal force that slammed me into the car door.

Anna: You know, every time my parents freak out, I drive horribly.

Me: I didn’t freak out.

Gracie [removing her ear buds]: What happened?

Sarah: Well, Mom freaked out and then Anna drove horribly.

It was a fun drive. Anna is the best.

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