Visions of flop sweat dancing in my head

All eyes are on me. They are waiting for me to say something, but my mind is blanker than my daughter’s summer journal. Seconds tick by, but I can’t think of anything to say, can’t remember what language I speak.

This is the scene playing in a loop in my head. Tonight I will attend an improvisational comedy class. Despite the utter lack of consequences if I suck, I am petrified that I will.

Public speaking is no problem for me when I have a clear idea of what to say and the right props. I have taught corporate workshops for years. But tonight there will be no roadmap, no net.

I actually have butterflies in my stomach. Also, I feel really sleepy, which I think is a defense mechanism, my body’s own version of playing possum. Can’t do the class if I’m asleep.

One thing I don’t want to do is to chicken out once I get there, just hide at the back and not participate. Although that approach is not without appeal—if I don’t try, I can’t fail.

I won’t do that. I won’t.

I’ll probably get home too late to write about the class tonight, so tales of flop sweat will have to wait until tomorrow.

Whose idea was this again?

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One Response to Visions of flop sweat dancing in my head

  1. Muff says:

    OK, have a key word. If you blank, just say one word, like “tree” They will think you are improvising…

    You are hysterical. You will be great!

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