Neutral no more!

There is no medical term for the fear I faced today. It isn’t exactly chromophobia (fear of colors) or ecophobia (fear of the home), but rather some combination of the two: fear of picking the wrong paint colors for my house (chromoecophobia?).

I agonized over color choice, even consulting an expert from a local paint store.

Me: I want blue, but not too blue.

Color lady: How about this one?

Me: You think that looks like a smurf?

Color lady: How about this one?

Me: I don’t want it to be too pale. I do want it to look blue.

Color lady: How about this one?

Me: That one might be nice. Unless it’s ugly. Do you think it’s ugly?

Color lady (hopefully): I think it’s great.

Me: I don’t know. Can we look at the smurf one again?

Color lady: Let me just call my family so they’ll know I’ll be late.

After much torture for me and the color lady, I chose colors.

Today I came home from vacation to a freshly painted house (the downstairs anyway). Jill dared me to paint my house something other than a neutral color, and it is neutral no more! We now have blues and yellows, which sound like Easter egg colors, but actually look pretty nice. I think.

My atelophobia (fear of imperfection) and atychiphobia (fear of failure) keep me pretty uncertain.

This may not count as brave, but finally committing to colors and trusting our painter to do the job while I was away represent a modest victory in accepting uncertainty.

I would post a picture but I haven’t unpacked the camera yet. By the way, after a week in a smallish apartment with my children (who went directly from their beds to the Disney channel at 6am every morning), I definitely don’t have autophobia (fear of being alone).

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One Response to Neutral no more!

  1. notquiteold says:

    I’ve always said that the only decision you can never change is being a mother – and you went ahead and did that! So go ahead and paint – you can always change in your mind (it may just take a couple of coats…)

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