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The unwashed masses

Along with downed power lines and flooding, Hurricane Irene left behind a new haves/have-nots dichotomy in our town: those with running water and those with bottled water. More than 80% of our town is without power. Since most residents rely … Continue reading

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At least we’ll have zucchini bread

People around here are freaking out. Cutting in line at the gas stations, trolling the water and battery aisles, wild-eyed and somewhat breathless, and generally just stressing me out. Today was all about hurricane prep. Filling water pitchers and bathtubs, … Continue reading

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Ice cream, cow umbrellas and other important hurricane considerations

Other than chancing the impending hurricane-induced power outage without a generator (a decision I am not 100% behind), the bravest thing I did today was telling my kids that tomorrow’s much anticipated first! sleepover! ever! won’t be happening due to … Continue reading

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Guilty pleasures

After several days of trying to feel better, I am going to force the issue and write about things that make me feel good. Today I am admitting to some guilty pleasures, things I typically enjoy away from judging eyes. … Continue reading

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Resistance is futile

I had plans for today—couple of work projects this morning, back-to-school shopping this afternoon. But those plans went out the window when I got a migraine. For those of you who’ve never had one, here is a little taste. A tiny … Continue reading

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Sorry [cough], can’t [achoo!] make it

Ah, the summer cold. I feel terrible. I canceled a much anticipated lunch and declined an invitation to hang out poolside with another friend. There was no choice really; I am coughing every other word and tethered to a box … Continue reading

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Not-so-brave public shenanigans

Dancing (sober) in public is always a little intimidating for me. Dancing somewhere you aren’t supposed to dance is even more so, given bystanders’ likely annoyance and possible ousting by management. So dancing at Glee: the 3D Concert Movie would … Continue reading

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