It’s my blog and I’ll shirk if I want to

The unknown can be scary, but sometimes returning to a place that has tested your mettle at some point in the past takes more courage. Today I went somewhere that has made me cry out in frustration, made me doubt that I could ever move on, made me swear I would never return—the New Jersey Turnpike.

Actually I drove the length of New Jersey, first on the New Jersey Turnpike and then on the Garden State Parkway.

What made this journey more difficult was this toy. My seven-year-old just got it for her birthday and I ALLOWED HER TO TAKE IT IN THE CAR. Why? Why?????

Anyway, I am at the beach this week. Not sure how many brave things will tempt me away from staring blissfully at the ocean. I have a few things in mind (courageously ordering a fourth margarita, intrepidly building experimental architectural elements into our sandcastles), but I may boldly break my own rule for this blog and claim vacation time for at least a few days.

We’ll see.

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6 Responses to It’s my blog and I’ll shirk if I want to

  1. Hi Dory, I am loving your blog. Can relate to so much of it. Even took a Zumba class on Jan 1 and a kickboxing class on Jan 2. And that was the end of that resolution. And you are rocking that dress! Keep writing – after you relax at the beach!

  2. Molly says:

    I have to say that frog is super-cool. Maybe just not for 3 hours, right behind your head. Happy beach. Leave the blog. Be brave enough to disregard your expectations that you’ll do this ever day and have your bold move this week (other than the margaritas…) be drawing boundaries that separate your family vacation time from this project! Just enjoy having the sand between your toes, my dear.

  3. Sometimes I too have asked myself the same questions when it has come to Alex having toys in the car. What is truly amusing tho is when she has no toys and manages to have a three-way conversation with her self using three different voices. I cannot even begin to tell you how funny this is. It’s interesting tho how when you have children you seem to bend those rules that you say that you never will. Such as having food in the car. When my husband and I bought our new care 3 years ago that’s what we said. However, we realized that sometimes food was just going to have to come with us especially on long trips. I hope that you have a great time at the beach! Enjoy some R&R =)

    • Our food rules went out the window years ago! And it shows. She loves that little frog, and I think it’s pretty cool, too. But the noise gets to you after awhile, especially in traffic. Thanks for your good wishes!

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