Horizontally striped glory

Today was a busy day of packing for the beach. So beyond ordering a drink made with scotch (when I know how badly scotch burns my gullet), I have only one microscopic bravery for today. Despite my weight, I wore a fitted dress with horizontal stripes tonight. Please don’t report me to the “What Not to Wear” people.

As a woman who never shops in the petite section, I feel strange showing off my figure. Read: I wear baggy clothes a lot. I hide.

I know this doesn’t actually render the extra weight invisible. On the contrary, big plus baggy clothes typically equal an even bigger look. But I still feel the imperative to hide behind extra fabric.

The dress I wore tonight isn’t perfect for my, ahem, figure, but it is cute. I like it. So why shouldn’t I get to wear it? Limiting myself to shapeless clothing isn’t very much fun and it isn’t fair to me. I say, no more! At least for tonight.

Here I am in all my horizontally striped glory:

I know, I know, I really need to lose weight.

But here’s the thing. As inconsequential as they are (no one ever dies from wearing unflattering clothing), these rules about what you must wear/look like can be very limiting. Who says I can’t wear something I think is fun and lovely just because I don’t have a perfect figure?

Little by little, these rules chip away at the pleasure I take in going out into the world. So I think they are worth challenging. Even if it means my butt looked really big tonight.

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11 Responses to Horizontally striped glory

  1. Muff says:

    Hey remember that thing Martin and I used to shout across campus at you? Still true….

    You look great! Glad you had fun…

  2. I think you look great! Confidence is key with any body type. I find that I get nervous as well when it comes to wearing particular types of clothing. I really wish I had taken advantage of my body shape in high school more often. Don’t know if you saw my post about getting physical but I took a pic of myself wearing nothing but a sports bra and a pair of shorts. Scariest thing ever!! Everyone tells me that I am not that big, but to me how I look has very little to do with my weight. It has everything to do with how I feel. I think you should keep wearing the clothes that you find beautiful, and let your confidence shine through =)

    • Wow, fantastic picture! Nora Ephron once wrote that you should enjoy your body now. One day you will look back at the things you dislike the most with nostalgia. I am paraphrasing, but it is sad to think of the grief we give ourselves for what we perceive to be shortcomings. Thanks for the comment!

  3. Lyn says:

    We look awesome. And your butt is not big! Love that dress on you!

  4. Patty Volpacchio says:

    Why you little hotty you!

  5. Dana Nuzzo says:

    I thought you looked fabulous that night. Sometimes, the outfits you think look bad on you, get the most compliments. Sorry about that old-fashion……love your blog. Dana

  6. mel says:

    that is a very cool dress. and nice shades. you look fantastic!

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