A different kind of house tour

I am taking it easy today after a couple of busy days. Instead of leaving my house to do something interesting, I thought I would invite you in. This way you can see what my house looks like when I am not expecting company. In the spirit of full disclosure. Or something. Come on in!

First stop: living room.

That’s not an impressionist painting, folks; that’s our carpet! Topped off with a whole lot of dog hair. This is what the floor looks like when I don’t vacuum for 24 hours.

Here are the guilty parties. O, to be that serene.

Down we go to my office. Each item on the desk represents an intention to do something.

Can anyone spot the dust on yoga pose illustrations? Not too much yoga
happening lately. Thank goodness I have that bubble wrap handy, though. And is that
A Charlie Brown Christmas CD I see? With Christmas just around the corner, why
bother putting it away now? I have no idea what the tomato timer is doing there.

This is only one of several cluttered areas in my office, by the way.

Here is my bed, unmade of course. Notice the fabulously clean laundry (still in the basket for greater visibility!).

I like a neat house as much as the next person. It’s just that I like about 1,000 things better than cleaning. The truth is that although it is more or less my responsibility to clean up around here (and despite a helpful husband, who does his fair share), I will NEVER have a consistently clean house. And I can’t blame it on my work/kid/life schedule. I know lots of busy women with well-kept homes.

Or maybe they only look that way when I come over. Hmmm….

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14 Responses to A different kind of house tour

  1. Sue Asett says:

    I am so there with ya! The only difference is Zoey doesn’t shed 😉 I found a Disney Christmas CD on my dining room table the other day..and when people come over…I am always listening for the creaking sounds of my 2nd floor ready to collapse onto my first floor!

  2. Heather says:

    Dory, I am a big fan of your blog! Love my golden retriever tumbleweeds too. We’ll have to have a dog playdate when we have a dog park!

  3. Suzy Douglas says:

    Spots of Shame in the Douglas Casa…..our “closet under the stairs” , the kids tub, or on a really good day, my bedroom closet has plenty of room for my tidy piles of chaos:)

  4. Lyn says:

    This is absolutely hysterical

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  8. elizabeth martin says:

    I love it because I completely identify with the dog hair especially…and the laundry basket…and the unmade bed…….

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