I’m not in pain; I’m just dancing

Shaking my booty in a bright room full of strangers (stone sober) is a little intimidating, especially with the possibility of gawkers nearby.

I have been just such a gawker. From the safety of the sidewalk, I have peeked in the window of a Zumba® dance studio where some women were getting their Latin on. And I thought, does it bother them to Zumba® in front of witnesses? Of course, some booties might welcome the attention.

Zumba® requires a lot of booty shaking. Mine shakes all the time, just not to the beat. So I decided to give it a try, despite my discomfort.

I hadn’t attended a group exercise class in at least five years. Back when I was 35 pounds lighter, I went to them all the time (and yes, I see the connection). Some things haven’t changed:

  • I still make strange faces when I exercise. Picture a deranged woman in the throes of a fatal earache and you’ll get the picture.
  • I need precise verbal and visual direction to follow along (charts might help, as well). Our fit and fun instructor tapped her left leg, and from that signal I was supposed to divine a 12-step maneuver that repositioned me in another part of the room. Instead I stomped my left foot (but in a very Latin way) and then stood looking confused, mouth ever so slightly open.
  • When the routine turns me around to the back of the room, I may as well stop. I can’t tell what is happening behind me, instructors!

Still, there were no gawkers. I (and my booty) did a pretty good job.

I did draw the line at jazz hands though. There is only so much I can be enthusiastic about at 8am.

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