Truths I might tell

No adventures today; not even any microbraveries. I did tell the truth all day, but nothing made that difficult.

So in the absence of something else to write about, here are some truths I might tell if I were braver:

I have no immediate plans to cook dinner/vacuum/wash the dishes.

No, I am not interesting in writing that piece – it’s stupid and no one will read it.

Sorry, I’d rather read my book than chat with you.

Now that you mention it, you are a bit of a drunk. You might want to look at that.

No one gives a shit about what you think about healthcare.

You have become a nutjob these past few years. You need to turn off the news once in a while or at least stop talking about it to me.

The reason your kids behave so badly is that you have spoiled them rotten and coddled them so thoroughly that they have no coping skills.

No, I do not want to volunteer for that school project.

You are miserable because you choose to be. And I choose not to be around it anymore.

I think you are great, and I wish we were better friends.

I realize none of this constitutes a brave act, but I was either stuck in my office or shuttling my kids around all day. Sue me.

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2 Responses to Truths I might tell

  1. gretchen hancock says:

    Oh, Dory, you are waaaay braver than you’re giving yourself credit for. I am privileged to call you a friend. You inspire me by your honesty!

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