We’ll see

My husband is a generous person with an even temper. He is easygoing and funny and everyone likes him.

Yet telling him about this blog made me nervous. Keeping it a secret seemed much easier. What he doesn’t know about, he can’t mock. He isn’t cruel by any means, but he isn’t above making jokes at my expense either. This blog seems like good fodder for that.

The thing is, even without actual readers, this blog and the challenge it chronicles mean something to me. So hearing him belittle it, even unintentionally, would hurt.

But it is high time I told him, if only to explain the extra quality time with my laptop. Also, I do recognize the hypocrisy of hiding it from him when the whole point of this blog is to stop hiding.

So I told him tonight. He said he thought it was a great idea and asked if he could join me if I came up with something fun to do. I said we’d see.

And I guess we will.

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